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Jeff Hutchison

Jeff Hutchison

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Having a desire to help others, I have always enjoyed advising insureds on the importance of adequate insurance. While many agents and carriers only care about giving you the cheapest premium, I am all about providing insureds with the very best value. And, there is a very vast difference between value and price. Especially at the expense of inadequate coverage just to get to the cheapest price.

It is truly my privilege to speak to insureds who desire the protection insurance can provide.

Thanks for allowing me to provide you with these quotes.  We are an independent insurance agency, so the cool thing about that is that we offer more than just one carrier to insure you with.  When I quote your insurance needs, I look to see which carrier is the best value for you in terms of coverages and price.  The other important aspect is service when that claim occurs.  If you are like me, I would rather pay a little more to know that when a claim occurs the carrier I am with will respond quickly and fairly.  The last thing you want is cut-rate insurance that is a problem to deal with in a claim.

Over the last 25+ years of operating The Hutch Agency, I have come to know which carriers are the best overall value.  Please know that when I recommend a carrier, I am not recommending the one that most benefits the agency.  The one I recommend is the carrier that best fits your insurance needs.

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